Bodycam video shows cops wrangle goats on the loose in Arizona neighborhood

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Friday, July 7, 2023
Cops wrangle loose goats in Arizona neighborhood
Two police officers in Glendale, Arizona had a bit of a time trying to wrangle two goats on the loose.

GLENDALE, Ariz. (WLS) -- Bodycam video captured two police officers trying to wrangle a pair of runaway goats in an Arizona neighborhood.

"We got a call for service about these two goats that got loose in the neighborhood," said Officer Alfonso Trevino.

The goats got away from a farm and were running on the roadway. It was a dramatic chase for the officers, but they wouldn't let their targets escape.

"They did not want any contact from us, whatsoever," Trevino said. "We kinda started corralling them but they were just avoiding us every chance they got."

The officers were eventually able to nab them both.

"I learned that goats are fast. And, I need more conditioning probably, too, after that day," Trevnio said.

The goats were returned to their owners, and the officers had a little fun during their news conference afterward too.

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