Spreading Hope: Naperville residents put messages of love on looted businesses

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (WLS) -- Some residents in Naperville responded to Monday's vandalism with messages of love.

On Monday, a large crowd gathered in Naperville for a peaceful protest. Later in the evening, large crowds were reported near Aurora and Main Street. According to witnesses, outside groups pulled up and damaged multiple businesses in downtown. One witness said a restaurant and a jewelry store had its windows smashed.

During ABC7's 10 p.m. newscast, the crew on the scene reported hearing a group say "let's start looting" before trying to kick open the doors at a Walgreens just off Main Street.

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After neighbors worked together to clean up the damage on Tuesday, many took the opportunity to spread some positivity in the community.

People attached paper hearts on the boarded-up windows with messages like, "Black Lives Matter" and "Spread Love."

Some of the signs were torn down earlier this week, only to be replaced.

Instead of just a few signs, the walls are now covered with messages of love and peace.
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