Residents on Southwest Side say mail delivery is inconsistent, slow

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Residents of Chicago's Wrightwood community said they're having major postal problems, with mail being delivered sometimes only once a week.

"We just want our mail, junk or not," said Keela Stuckey.

Stuckey has been waiting at an empty mailbox for days for her medications, bills and her disability check.

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"That's how I live. I need my check. I have back problems; I rely on this check all day, all night," she said.

Stuckey and others in Wrightwood said they've been having postal problems and have been getting their mails sometimes only once a week for the past few months.

"Between the last three months it's really, it's terrible," said Derrick Johnson, resident.

Last week, Alderman Derrick Curtis hosted a special meeting with residents and a representative with US Postal Service to talk about the postal delivery problems. Residents said the meeting was packed with dozens of upset people.

"Everybody talked about the mail they were getting, not getting, which is mostly not getting. People showed up with wet mail, talked about missing mail," Stuckey said.

A representative with USPS responded to questions about the issues by noting the delivery delays due to the winter weather. Their statement said, in part, "We apologize for any inconvenience that has occurred with customers... We certainly share the frustration of any customer who may experience service that is not up to our usual standards."

"This makes no sense. I mean they getting paid, what more do they want? If they need help they should hire someone," said Stuckey.

The Ald. Curtis' office said it plans to host another meeting next month but residents said they hope the problem is solved well before then.
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