Man shares concert ticket scam warning after calling 'bogus' Ticketmaster customer service number

ByJason Knowles and Ann Pistone WLS logo
Wednesday, April 12, 2023
Man shares concert ticket scam warning after calling fake Ticketmaster customer service number
It's easy to fall for a ticket scam when you're excited to see your favorite artist on stage.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Many big names are coming to the Chicago area this summer, including Taylor Swift, Madonna, Beyonce, and of course, Lollapalooza.

It's easy to fall for a ticket scam when you're excited to see your favorite artist on stage.

However, the I-Team has found that you could be calling fake numbers that you think belong to Ticketmaster, but the people are the other end of the line are trying to steal from you.

"It was a complete slap in the face," said Darius Magee.

Magee recently saw Keith Sweat and New Edition at the United Center. The concert price was worth it to McGee but as he anxiously awaited the ticket delivery, he lost $750 in a phone scam.

"I'm very upset because people work hard for their money and for somebody to just scam somebody out of the money. I mean, come on," he said.

Magee purchased tickets though a legitimate third-party website but he became concerned when the ticket information did not immediately transfer to his Ticketmaster app. The third-party he purchased from doesn't send the actual ticket with the QR code until 24 hours before an event.

He eventually got the tickets but during the confusion, he frantically searched online for a Ticketmaster phone number to call and get answers.

"I got some numbers that were online and they were some bogus numbers," explains Magee.

The scammers on the phone, posing as Ticketmaster agents, convinced him to send $750 in gift cards in order to "secure his tickets," even though he had already paid for tickets.

Magee filed a police report for deceptive practice.

The ABC7 ITeam called the same fake numbers Magee called and told the agents they were being recorded.

Once scammer continued the ruse when asked it they were Ticketmaster and if it is a general practice to have a consumer send gift cards to get the tickets.

Another just hung up and had a message saying " user busy" when called back.

Ticketmaster said the best way to reach the company is through the Fan Support Page. If you can't find answers there, you can connect with a representative on email or chat through the website. Ticketmaster adds that it will never ask you go to a store and buy a gift cards for payment.

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"I was eager. I was in the heat of the moment to go to the concert," Magee said.

The good news is, Magee said his bank card was able to refund him for some of the money he spent on those gift cards he sent to the fraudsters.

There are several ways for fans to connect with Ticketmaster:

  • Customers can visit the dedicated online Fan Support page, which offers extensive information on frequently asked questions and popular topics.
  • If fans cannot find the answers they need on Fan Support, they can connect with a Ticketmaster representative via email or chat directly from the website or app.
  • The Ticketmaster contact page and instructions on how to contact Fan Support can be found here
  • It's important for fans to contact Ticketmaster directly via the website or app, as contact information found on another website or social media may not be legitimate
  • As per this FAQ, Ticketmaster will never ask you go to a store and buy a gift card in order for us to issue a refund.
  • As per this FAQ: Ticketmaster will never ask you to purchase any third party gift card to use as a form of payment for tickets.
  • Fans should always exercise caution when providing personal information online.