4 officers injured in Cook County Jail after inmates attempt to light jumpsuits on fire

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Monday, April 17, 2017
4 officers hospitalized after Cook County Jail fire
Four officers were hospitalized after Cook County Jail detainees set their jumpsuits on fire on April 15, 2017.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Four correction officers were hospitalized Saturday night after an incident at the Cook County Jail in the Little Village neighborhood.

The officers were injured after an incident in Division 9, the jail's super max division, in a tier for problematic detainees who engage in sexual misconduct, said a spokeswoman for the Cook County Sheriff's Office. The inmates in that tier are issued specially designed jumpsuits, which they attempted to light on fire by using the microwave to ignite a wick.

This resulted in smoke in the living unit. Two officers were transported for smoke exposure and two others transported for injuries sustained while trying to secure the tier, the sheriff's office said. All injuries are non-life-threatening and the officers were released Sunday, the sheriff's office said.

Video of the incidents was released on Monday.