8-year-old promotes positivity; provides food, supplies to over 10,000 people during COVID-19 pandemic

Cavanaugh Bell, 8, has helped thousands of people by paying it forward.

Bell has been passionate about social justice since pre-K and established a bullying prevention month after visiting his local city council in Maryland.

"Kids started bullying me because I didn't look like any of the other kids in class," Bell said.

He has continued to make a positive impact by pivoting his efforts throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Since the pandemic hit, I used, in March, I used my life savings, which was $640, to make 72 care packs for my grandma and the senior citizens that live in her senior citizen facility," Bell said.

People began to notice Cavanaugh's work and donations began to pour in. Bell and his family set up a community kitchen following the donations.

"From April 4th until today, I've almost been to help 9,000 people, but not just in my community," Bell said.

He plans to continue helping others.

"It's kind of my thing. I just like doing it, and every time I do it, it makes me happy, so I keep doing it," Bell said. "You don't know what's going on in other people's lives, so stay positive and dish out a big amount of positive energy."

Bell said he wants to be a football player, a mayor or a police officer when grows up.

To learn more about Bell and how to help, visit coolanddope.com.