New COVID-19 email scam targets small business owners

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The federal government has a warning about new COVID-19 scam that's targeting small business.

The Federal Trade Commission says this new COVID-19 scam is making its rounds and it starts with an email that could entice some small business owners.

The FTC says the email claims to be from the Small Business Administration Office of Disaster Assistance.

It says you're eligible for a loan of up to $250,0000 and asks for personal information like birth date and Social Security number.

The government warns this is an attempt to steal your personal information and possibly your money...and that legitimate lenders would never tell you that you're automatically eligible for a big loan.

The FTC says it's also heard from people who have applied for loans through websites pretending to be part of the Small Business Administration. Other people report they've been contacted to repay loans they never took out.

For more information about reporting these crimes, visit
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