Former State Senator Martin Sandoval dies from COVID-19 complications, attorney says

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Former State Senator Martin Sandoval died Saturday from COVID-19 complication, according to his attorney.

Sandoval had been facing prison time after pleading guilty to taking bribes from a person in relation to red light camera contracts.

His attorney said Sandoval, "cared deeply about his community and he did a great deal of good... Although he had made mistakes, he took responsibility for them and was sincerely remorseful."

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Illinois public health officials reported 9,887 COVID-19 cases and 208 related deaths Saturday, the second-highest daily death total since the start of the pandemic.

Please note: The article incorrectly stated that Sandoval took bribes from red light camera company SafeSpeed. SafeSpeed was not involved with the bribery charges. This error has been corrected above..
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