Uptick in coyote sightings reported in Plainfield

PLAINFIELD, Ill. (WLS) -- Plainfield police report an increase in reports about sightings of coyotes in the southwest suburb in Will County.

In a statement, police reminded residents that "simply spotting a coyote is not necessarily a reason for concern."

The nocturnal animals typically do not cause problems, police said.

Police offered other tips for residents:
- Do not, under any circumstances, feed coyotes
- Remove all outdoor pet food
- Secure your garbage properly
- Do not allow small pets outdoors without supervision

What to do if you spot a coyote:
- Do not run
- Wave your hands in the air and appear as large as possible
- Make noise, yell or shout loudly at the coyote
- If walking your small pet, pick it up and hold it.

As a reminder, coyotes are a protected species of furbearer in the state of Illinois. It is illegal to hunt, trap, injure or re-locate them without the proper licensing through the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, police said.
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