CPD Officer Robert Rialmo takes stand in Quintonio LeGrier wrongful death case

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Chicago police officer at the center of a civil trial in the shooting death of 19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier took the stand again on Wednesday.

Officer Robert Rialmo gave detailed testimony about what he said happened the night he killed Quintonio Legrier and neighbor, Bettie Jones. The jury will decide ultimately whether the shooting was justified or unjustified - and whether Rialmo's employer, the City of Chicago, is responsible.

On the witness stand, Railmo testified he wished he had known that LeGrier had called 911 three times for help.

Instead, he told the jury: "I knew there was a domestic disturbance... and LaPalermo (his partner) said, 'Be careful, there might be someone with a baseball bat.'"

After being met at the door of the two-flat by Jones, Rialmo said: "I heard a rumbling of someone coming down the stairs at a fast pace."

Rialmo has made a counter-claim against the city alleging he was not properly trained. During a hectic back and forth of objections, Rialmo seemed to chuckle.

Bill Foutris, the attorney for the LeGrier estate asked: "Do you find anything funny about this?"

Rialmo answered "no."

In the early morning hours the day after Christmas, LeGrier called 911 - as did his father - about a domestic disturbance.

LeGrier was 19-year-old college student, the first to go to college in his family. He was home on winter break staying with his father. Jones was the downstairs neighbor who opened the door for police.

The City of Chicago settled the wrongful death claim with the Jones family for $16 million. That is information the jury will not hear during the trial.

Jurors also will not hear in court that the Civilian Office of Police Accountability jfound the shooting to be "unjustified."

The trial is expected to last at least another week.
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