Crestwood senior citizen condo residents say dust, debris, dirt piles are daily hazards

ByJason Knowles and Ann Pistone WLS logo
Friday, October 13, 2023
Crestwood senior citizen condo residents say dust, debris, dirt piles are daily hazards
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Residents of the Crestpoint Condominium complex in Crestwood say dust, debris, dirt piles and obstructed roads have languished for 15 years.

CRESTWOOD, Ill. (WLS) -- Dozens of senior citizens reached out to the I-Team about what they called a dusty mess and potential safety issues outside of their condominiums.

They say a 15-year construction project is affecting their everyday lives. The senior citizens say the mess is putting them at risk and they want more answers from the developer and the Village of Crestwood.

The Crestpoint Condominium complex in Crestwood was completed in 2008 but left behind is a lot of construction debris that have sat for more than 15 years.

Dozens of seniors who live in the complex say it has been a nuisance.

"We have creatures coming through here, we have the dust when he takes care of the weeds and that mound just keeps getting bigger and bigger, " said resident Susan Wright.

The residents say they're concerned about breathing the dust and debris from the dirt piles. Marie Moore said it affects her asthma.

"I just had another flare up. And by me being in the hospital, I still get a lot of the dust that comes in those windows and stuff," she said.

People living at the complex use scooters, wheelchairs and canes and struggle get across the main thoroughfare. Many don't have the option of walking up the grassy hill to the sidewalk.

They also worry about how quickly emergency vehicles can maneuver around, because the main road, in front of the construction site, is unpaved, uneven and patchy, and could cause confusion for vehicle operators.

"So if this road is not plowed during a snow storm, no emergency vehicles can get in here.

They'd have to go around the whole complex," Wright said.

Lawyers for the condominium's association and residents have sent letters to the Village of Crestwood, claiming that "the village has failed and continues to fail to follow the law and enforce its own ordinances or require compliance."

Crestwood Mayor Ken Klein said the developer Patrick McGinty of McGinty Development has been receptive to working with the village and that he has not been cited because the area is considered to be a construction site.

The mayor said the developer can't be forced to pave the road in front of it.

Mayor Klein added that the road is safe and the village has provided asphalt grindings from other projects to help "the gravel road have less potholes and be a little more durable," and that a pile of gravel in the center of the lot is used to "to maintain potholes" on the road.

Mayor Klein said McGinty has been maintaining the gravel road, and has removed weeds and garbage.

Wright said the developer knew the I-Team was coming out to do a story so "He just recently came out and cleaned it up because he knew the news was gonna be here."

The I-Team emailed and called Patrick McGinty but have not yet heard back.

Residents say they believe the village should take more action.

"Do something. You know, please, pay attention to us. You have to do something," said Wright.

Residents say they're also concerned that the mess could affect property values if and when they try to sell their units.

The mayor of Crestwood said he's met with the residents to hear concerns but as of now the village will not be forcing the developer to make any more improvements.