Crestwood senior condo residents say some mess has been cleaned up, other issues have emerged

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Friday, December 15, 2023
As some senior condo construction mess cleaned up, other issues emerge
Crestpoint Condominium residents said McGinty Development has cleaned up some of the 15-year-old construction mess, but other issues have emerged.

Residents say the owner of Crestpoint Condominium complex in Crestwood started making some improvements after the I-Team story first aired a story in October about an unfinished road and an ongoing, messy construction site. However, they say the changes are not enough and a new problem has emerged.

A large group of seniors first called the I-Team in October about a large pile of dirt and construction debris that's been left on an unfinished lot for more than 15 years. There is also a gravel road in front of the lot which residents say is hard for seniors to navigate with walkers and scooters.

Residents at the complex said the unfinished road could also be a concern for emergency vehicles getting in and out of the complex.

"The ambulances won't get through unless they go all the way around," resident Susan Wright said.

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Since the investigation aired in October, owner Patrick McGinty of McGinty Development flattened the gravel road in front of the construction site. Now, residents said potholes are coming back. The residents are also wondering why the owner didn't repave the gravel road but repaved others.

"We don't understand when he had all the equipment over here, why he didn't just keep going," Wright said.

Residents also shared a video of McGinty putting up stakes and flags in front of the messy lot, which they say makes things look worse.

"Make it look presentable," Turner said. "It's horrible."

McGinty did not return the I-Team's calls, texts and emails when the first story aired. After reaching out again, McGinty has still not responded to a request for comment.

Crestwood Mayor Ken Klein responded again to the I-Team, saying some condo projects "have taken longer to complete." The mayor said the village can't force McGinty to clean up the fifteen year old mess because "the construction permits issued back then had no expiration dates."

Klein said the village has been working with McGinty builders and that they "have plans to complete the last building there."

The mayor added that the owner has done everything to "keep the property up...including final paving in front of the two buildings."

Klein added that the village hopes to have a permanent solution by the spring.