Couples recreate iconic routines from favorite movies on 'Dancing with the Stars'; Week 6 dance-by-dance recap

ByCari Skillman
Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Alexa PenaVega, Mark Ballas, Paula Deen and Louis Van Amstel are seen during Week 6 of "Dancing with the Stars" on Monday, Oct. 19, 2015.
Alexa PenaVega, Mark Ballas, Paula Deen and Louis Van Amstel are seen during Week 6 of "Dancing with the Stars" on Monday, Oct. 19, 2015.

LOS ANGELES -- We saw a little "Singin' in the Rain," "Flashdance," and "A Chorus Line" this week on "Dancing with the Stars," and all in the opening number! This week it's a tribute to iconic dance routines from stage and screen. And who better to sit in as guest judge than "Grease's" Olivia Newton-John.

Here's a rundown of the Week 6 scores, from highest to lowest:

Bindi Irwin - 40 out of 40

Nobody puts Bindi in a corner! She and Derek have the finale from "Dirty Dancing" and yes they want to include the big lift made Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey famous. Derek tells us he's not much of a "lifter" and this move makes him more scared than anything else he's ever done. Ever. His former partner, and the real "Baby" from the movie, (yes, Jennifer Grey) came to rehearsal to offer support and a few tips. One thing that helps: learning the lift while in a pool. They can't find a pool but there's a smelly, dirty pond nearby and that fits the bill. And in the ballroom: nailed it! The judges were blown away. Julianne Hough thought her rumba was on fire, and they hit all the little details, Bruno Tonioli thought it was blindingly brilliant in execution and interpretation, Carrie Ann Inaba told the couple when they dance like that, her job is easy, and guest judge Olivia Newton-John said the routine was enchanting and touched her heart. Perfection!

Andy Grammer - 40 out of 40

Andy has his work cut out for him. He's been assigned to dance to one of the most iconic, classic musicals of all time with the song "Good Mornin'" from "Singing in the Rain." Andy was energized by his scores from last week and dove into rehearsals with Allison with a new vigor and confidence. All four judges said they were a little worried about him taking on what seems to be all of their favorite dance (Bruno told Andy it takes balls to take on that dance!), but they started the panel by giving the couple a standing ovation and ended with a string of 10s for a perfect score.

Tamar Braxton - 40 out of 40

Tamar had a rough week both physically and emotionally. She completely lost her voice and was very bummed at what the judge's had to say last week. She had to miss a couple day's rehearsal but came back more committed than ever. Val reinterpreted Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation" and while it was fast and intricate, she performed it like a pro. Olivia said she was impressed, Bruno called it a knockout, and Carrie Ann thought it was the hardest dance of the night but thought Tamar nailed it.

Nick Carter - 39 out of 40

Almost perfection for the Backstreet Boy! He had the tall task of paying tribute to John Travolta in the one of the dances just about everyone knows: "Saturday Night Fever." Sharna has to mix a little samba in with all the disco moves and does a masterful job. Olivia Newton-John thought Nick had been able to channel her good friend, John Travolta, Bruno called it brilliant, and Julianne praised Sharna for truly reinventing the dance. Only Carrie Ann had a bone to pick, telling Nick he was a little bit inconsistent in her eyes.

Carlos PenaVega - 38 out of 40

Carlos did not hide the fact that he was very uncomfortable in learning a stripper-themed dance from "Magic Mike." He's worried about being raunchy; Witney reminds him they are performing and it's just an act. He commits to the routine and even does the full white tank-top rip off the body mid-dance thing. Bruno told him the dance was the answer to his prayers and felt like all seven deadly sins, Carrie Ann thought he owned the ballroom and delivered a dance with substance not just sex, and Julianne said it was the sexiest rumba ever.

Hayes Grier - 32 out of 40

Hayes has some pressure on him, too, this week because his number was made famous by our guest judge. Of course, the 15-year-old didn't know who she was, or what "Grease" is, so thank goodness for the Internet. There are a few Danny Zuko/Travolta hip moves that Hayes can't quite get master, but it was still fun to revisit to Rydell High and "You're the one that I want." Olivia (AKA Sandy) thought they captured the best elements of the movie, Bruno praised his star quality but wants more precision, and Julianne was happy to see Hayes really get into character.

Alek Skarlatos - 30 out of 40

The hero has to channel Elvis Presley's "Jailhouse Rock," and do a jive while shaking those hips. Lindsay brings in a real Elvis impersonator, and while it might seem like it's something you just do for TV, it seemed to help. Alek wore an Elvis costume (white jumpsuit Elvis) first during rehearsal and then out in public. Olivia praised his courage, Bruno thinks he's holding back a little, Carrie Ann wants more connection and intensity, and Julianne would like him to stay in character for the entire dance.

Alexa PenaVega - 30 out of 40

Alexa was on a high after last week's perfect score. She hoped to carry it over for another week in a cha to Britney Spears' snake-charming dance "Slave for You." Yes, she gets to dance with a giant snake. The judges thought she took a step back this week but encouraged her to use that as a kick in the pants for next week. Carrie Ann wanted to see her use more of Britney's confidence, but Bruno called her "Sex Alexa" and thought it worked well.

Paula Deen - 24 out of 40

Paula channeling Madonna is a natural, right? Her routine is to the Material Girl's hit "Vogue" (not the music video but the giant wig and costumed performance from the MTV Video Music Awards). She loves when she can play a character and clearly is having fun. There wasn't much dancing; she definitely learned how to "strike a pose." Bruno called the dance entertaining but without much content, Carrie Ann thought the costume overwhelmed her, and Julianne wanted more energy.

It's an elimination week so here's the bad news.


The two couples in jeopardy: Paula and Louis and Alexa and Mark. Going home for week six: Paula Deen.

Next week will be filled with Halloween fun, and the Team Dance.