Matchmaking expert offers dating tips, top trends to watch for in 2024

ByRamona Meadors WLS logo
Sunday, December 31, 2023
Top dating trends to watch for in 2024
Could 2024 be your year to find that special someone?

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Could 2024 be your year to find that special someone?

A recent survey by the dating app Bumble shows singles are shifting their views on love. Some are even crossing generational lines to find their perfect match. For 63 percent of people, age is no longer a defining factor in a relationship. Fifty-nine percent of women say they are now more open to dating someone younger than them, according to research conducted by Bumble in September 2023, with a sample of over 26,800 Bumble members.

Professional matchmaker Vanessa Sescila, from It's Just Lunch Chicago, visited ABC 7 to discuss the top dating trends expected in the New Year.

Values Are Attractive

According to a recent survey, singles will continue to stay true to their beliefs and values in the new year.

They want to date and spend time with someone who supports similar causes and who loves and enjoys the same things they do.

And this is going to be especially important as we head into a big election year.

Age Isn't a Factor

Singles also say they aren't going to let age be as big of a defining factor in their relationships in the new year.

We always encourage our clients to be open to different ages, because compatibility is more important than a number!

It's about finding the person who's right for them -- whether that person is older or younger.

Quality Over Quantity

Lastly, intentional dating is here to stay, with more singles embracing the "slow dating" trend and looking for more quality dates versus quantity.

So instead of swiping through so many choices, they're going to take their time to get to know a few people and see who they really connect with.

I always tell my clients to avoid making snap judgments on the first date if the person doesn't measure up to your "must-have" list.

It may take a couple of dates before you know whether there's potential, so give chemistry a chance.