Hearing postponed for man serving sentence for murder of Winnetka couple in 1990

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A hearing for a man serving a life sentence for murdering his next-door neighbors when he was 16 years old has been pushed back to later this month.

This is the second time the hearing for David Biro has been pushed back. The judge said it's because she's in the middle of a jury trial.

The family of Nancy Langert said it's hard on them to keep having this pushed back, as the trauma comes back to them every time a hearing is scheduled.

The family is hopeful the judge will decide in their favor come April 29 by keeping David Biro behind bars for life.

He broke into a home in April of 1990 and murdered Nancy, her husband, Richard, and their unborn child.

A previous court ruling out of Alabama is the reason he has a chance at this hearing and a new sentence.

Members of the family have forgiven Biro for their own sake of moving on, but strongly believe he needs to remain in prison.

"That was for me, that was a decision I made many years ago that I was not gonna think about him," said Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins, Nancy's sister. "I was gonna let him go I wasn't gonna be angry or hold hate in my heart. There's just not something quite right with him, and that's why we make life parole sentences to keep people like that off the streets."

As the family grapples with the emotion of another day without a ruling, they're hoping it all comes to an end on April 29, with him remaining prison.

"You can't fix a person who doesn't have a conscience," Bishop-Jenkins said. "This is a man without a conscience."
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