Man who killed Brooklyn bodega worker over a beer gets 25 years to life in prison

EAST NEW YORK, Brooklyn -- A man who killed a Brooklyn bodega worker over a beer was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison Thursday.

Mark Thomas gunned down 80-year-old Abdulla Yafaee in East New York two years ago after another worker told him he didn't have enough money to buy a beer.

Thomas returned a few hours later and was seen on surveillance video opening fire through the front door of the deli and then calmly walking away.

One of the 11 bullets he fired hit Yafaee -- who wasn't even in the store at the time of the dispute -- in the chest.

He later died at the hospital.

Hours earlier, cops say Thomas had come up short when buying a Corona. It cost $2, and he had just $1.50.

He threatened to come back with a gun if the clerk didn't spot him the money -- and he did, spraying bullets indiscriminately into the bodega.
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