Man charged with concealing West Side stabbing death was subject of I-Team investigation into different murder

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The I-Team has learned that a man in custody in the stabbing death of a man on the city's West Side was previously the subject of an I-Team investigation into a different murder. Arthur Hilliard is being held without bail in the Cook County jail, charged with concealing a homicidal death in connection to a man found stabbed to death on September 1st . Chicago Police officials say Hilliard was arrested after being identified through video disposing the body of Andra Karl Williams, 52, in an alley in the 700 block of South Campbell.

The I-Team reported exclusively last fall that Diamond Turner's family believed that the same man, Arthur Hilliard, was responsible for her death. Twenty-one-year-old Turner was found in an alley, stuffed in a trashcan, days after she went missing in 2017.

Relatives of Diamond Turner say the alleged crime wasn't a surprise to them. Her aunt Latonya Turner and her family have long suspected Hilliard was responsible for the savage beating death of 21-year-old Diamond.

"I feel like he should have been in custody. I feel like if they would have arrested him, it wouldn't be no way possible that he could kill another person," she said. "If you all would have arrested him when you all got this information from me, ain't no way he could've been out and hurt somebody else."

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The Turner family told the I-Team they told the Chicago Police Department that Diamond Turner was last seen leaving Red's Lounge on South Stony Island with Hilliard. Her family said she never returned home, but Hilliard kept contacting them to ask if she'd made it back. Two days later, garbage collectors found her broken body stuffed in an alley trashcan. Hilliard told the family his roommate, Michael Parks, killed Diamond and put her in a trashcan and rolled the can into the alley. Parks told the I-Team he had nothing to do with the murder.

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Diamond's family said they don't understand why Hilliard was seen in the alley the day she was found and why he claimed to know so many intricacies of the crime. They also don't buy Hilliard's story where he places the blame on his roommate Michael Parks.

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"I don't think Michael Parks is involved. But Arthur, I think he the one who did it," Latonya Turner told the I-Team last fall. "He's saying that's what happened but he knows too much detail, when it happened, the time of death, how she got in the garbage can, how the garbage can got in the house. He know too much information. If you claim you were in the front room asleep, so you're trying to tell me this man Michael Parks just told you step by step how he did it? Her last words. Come on. How would you know all this?"

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The I-Team tracked Arthur Hilliard for days all over Chicago last fall to get his side of the story. When we finally reached him briefly by phone, he would only tell us that he told Diamond's family enough information "to get street justice" for "his baby."

Chicago Police tell the I-Team the investigation into the stabbing death of Andra Williams is ongoing and "detectives continue to look for patterns." Hilliard is represented by a public defender, whose representative did not respond to a request for comment.

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