Bean to bar reaches new levels at Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

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Tuesday, January 16, 2024
Bean to bar reaches new levels at Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate
Former carpenters Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor have constructed a simple chocolate recipe that delivers groundbreaking quality and unbelievable taste.Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate in Eureka, California delivers unbelievably delicious bean to bar chocolate.

EUREKA,Calif. -- Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor, founders and owners of Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate in Eureka, California, realize that making chocolate can be magic.

"Chocolate swirling in a vat is captivating," Dick declares. "To see it trickling from one machine to another, there's something amazing about it."

Dick and Taylor's journey to chocolate making was not the most obvious.

"We started as carpenters, not chocolate makers," Dick reveals.

After watching a video about how chocolate was made, the two were captivated by the process.

"Those raw cocoa beans that come out of the roaster, they don't look anything like a chocolate bar and how they get there is amazing," Dick explains.

Over time, the duo perfected a recipe for high quality, rich, delicious tasting chocolate and it was actually quite simple.

"We make our chocolate with just cocoa beans and cane sugar," Dick says. "There's no off-source cocoa butter, there's no lecithin and there's no vanilla in it."

According to Taylor, the foundation of their craft chocolate is their two-ingredient, single origin chocolate bars.

"As a chocolate maker, what we are trying to highlight is that unique beans taste totally different." Taylor says.

The company sources beans from Belize, Brazil, Peru, and Madagascar.

"You're tasting that bean from Madagascar with just sugar," Taylor says with a smile.

Dick and Taylor have added many other tasty treats like chocolate-coated almonds and cherries as well as inclusion bars.

"What's fun with chocolate is playing with flavors," Taylor adds. "Chocolate goes so well with inclusions, with black figs and sea salt."

No matter which item a chocolate lover chooses, Dick and Taylor have made it their mission to ensure that every item is amazing.

"If somebody picks up our Dick Taylor bar, I want them to be confident that the value is there, the consistency is there, the quality is there," Dick shares. "If that would be our legacy, that would be great for me."

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