Dionne Warwick talks documentary set to debut at Chicago's Siskel Film Center for film festival

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Black Harvest Film Festival at Siskel Film Center kicks off Friday night with "Dionne Warwick: Don't Make Me Over."

Dionne Warwick, music legend, explained what made her want to tell her story.

"This really kind of puts to rest a lot of 'Oh, I thought,' now, you know," Warwick said.

She added that it was important for the film to be shown and viewed in Chicago.

"Chicago has always been exceptionally good to me, from the very early days of radio, and concerts, of course," Warwick said.

Warwick said she can't pick a favorite song.

"It's impossible," Warwick said. "You're talking about 60 years of recorded music. They're like my babies. They're my children."

She added that it's important for her to tell the good and the bad in her life.

"It hasn't been all rosy. There have been a couple thorns here and there. People understand I'm as human as they are," Warwick said. "If I could take one swoop of a paintbrush, I'd clear up all this madness we're all going through right now. It's unfortunate, but it feels exactly the same as it did in the 60s."

The artist is set to make a live Zoom appearance Friday at the debut of "Dionne Warwick: Don't Make Me Over" at the Siskel Center.

"This is a wonderful festival, Black harvest," said the film's director, Dave Wolley. "I want to thank the Jury for voting for us, giving us the top award. We want to encourage people to buy tickets and come out. We're gonna have a ball Friday. I'm so glad for her to be able to smell her roses in her lifetime."

When called "royalty," Warwick said, "Please, I'm just the same old Dionne. That's all!"

Warwick has a lot of relatives on Chicago's south side. She's also been declared "The Queen of Twitter" and loves posting.

Tickets are still available for her film opening night.
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