Disney+ launches 'Behind the Attraction' series; learn how Imagineers make rides, experiences

ByHosea Sanders and Marsha Jordan WLS logo
Tuesday, July 20, 2021
Disney+ launches 'Behind the Attraction' series
Disney+ launches "Behind The Attraction" on Wednesday giving fans a look at how all those thrilling rides and experiences at theme parks are created.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- "Behind The Attraction" is a new series on Disney Plus that launches Wednesday. It shows how all those thrilling rides and experiences at theme parks are created.

Behind the scenes, "Imagineers" are coming up with spectacles and inviting us to join in the fantasies.

"We're a little crazy but we thrive on that we like to make the impossible possible and we like making magic," said Jeanette Lomboy, Disney Executive Imagineer.

"Every episode could have been 4 hours long. One tiny piece of one tiny attraction you could have seven things you want to say about that one piece and you'd have to pick one," said Brian Volk-Weiss, Director and Executive Producer of Behind the Attraction.

The producers said learning how things work enhances the magic of the attractions.

"You can go into the park and still experience the rides and have a great time but if you want to know how it was made, it'll knock your socks off, it is really mind boggling," said Lomboy.

And it's that magic and excitement that put's their creativity to the test.

"I think through the decades what you've seen is progression, innovation and technology and storytelling," said Lomboy. "Most recently we opened Star Wars Galaxy Edge on both coasts and we've just opened Avengers campus and have Spider-Man flying through the air."

In the tradition of Disney Lomboy said there's something for everyone.

"Everything we strive to do isn't just with one person in mind, we do it for all of our guests around the globe, transcending gender, age, religion, whatever country you're from, whatever language, because there's something intrinsic about magic and making those memories and feeling these amazing things," Lomboy said.