Zootopia+ stars Bonnie Hunt, Don Lake talk new Disney+ streaming series that's not just for kids

Zootopia+, the six episode short-form series, debuted November 9 on Disney+.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2022
Zootopia+ stars talk new Disney+ series that's not just for kids
Chicago's own Bonnie Hunt and co-star Don Lake share what it's like voicing the bunny rabbit couple in Zootopia+, now streaming on Disney+.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- "Zootopia+" is a new streaming series based on the Oscar-winning movie -- and it's not just for kids!

Chicago's own Bonnie Hunt and co-star Don Lake talked to ABC7 about providing the voices for a bunny rabbit couple.

"So fun, what a smart, character-driven, wonderful story, and so artistically beautiful, I feel lucky to be a part of it," said Hunt, who voices "Bonnie Hopps." "It's the best my body's ever looked in a film! She's got 275 children, and I think people with only one or two kids feel that same kind of immense responsibility and deep love, and you've got to maintain a sense of humor."

Don Lake lends his voice to "Stu Hopps."

"He's like a knight in shining armor living under many vests of clothing and a few pounds," Lake said. "But deep down he's a hero."

"Zootopia+" might be aimed at kids, but there are so many digs at pop culture that adults can appreciate.

"That's what we do it for, it's the ultimate combo platter, where all the different generations can watch it and be equally entertained," Hunt said.

Unfortunately, Hunt and Lake never got the chance to work together in person.

"This was during the pandemic, it was really a bright light in the day," Hunt said. "I was roommates with my mom at the time through the pandemic and it was so fun to kind of have her at work with me."

Lake added, "Bonnie sets the bar up really high, but that's what makes it really great. If you keep aiming for that and when you get a moment and then a collection of moments, it's just the best."

Zootopia+ is streaming now on Disney+.

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