3 water main breaks prompt school closures, boil water order in Dixmoor

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Tuesday, January 30, 2024
Another water main break closes schools in Dixmoor
Schools in Dixmoor, IL were closed Monday after another water main break in the south suburb.

DIXMOOR, Ill. (WLS) -- Once again, crews are working on water main breaks in Dixmoor.

They are the the fifth, sixth and seventh breaks so far this year.

Early Monday morning, at about 3 a.m., a water main break was discovered at 141st and Wood.

A few hours later, another break was found at 146th and Seeley. Then, a third break was discovered at 141th and Winchester.

"We started flipping sewer tops, and we found out the break was right here, next to the middle schools, blowing through the sewer system," said Dixmoor Mayor Fitzgerald Roberts.

Problems with the water lines caused low water pressure to most in Dixmoor, and caused the schools to close. They will remain closed on Tuesday.

The village's two elementary schools and middle schools canceled for the day after students had arrived for class, and the village issued a boil water order.

"It's very inconvenient. We just had to go some water right now, because I called the village of Dixmoor, said they weren't giving it out, so I have to take care of my grandkids and the house," said Dixmoor resident Andrea Guzman.

Susana Zavala also lives in the south suburb.

"We noticed the water pressure was low this morning and as of right now we have no water," Zavala said. "It is effecting all of us with little kids... Do we have to stock up and get water from the store in order to flush our toilets, be able to drink clean water?"

Roberts said he lives in the area impacted.

"When I got up this morning and turned on the water, I noticed the pressure was down some and that put me in the mode to go search for water breaks," he said.

As of Monday, the village has had six water breaks since the beginning of the year. The village's mayor hopes to get more financial help to address the village's aging infrastructure.

"In order to keep the kids in school, in order to keep the residents with water in order to keep this town moving, we need help as soon as possible," Roberts said.

Late Monday, the Salvation Army brought water to Village Hall. Officials gave out water until 5 p.m.

It is some help for the short term until the latest breaks are repaired, but all in Dixmoor are eager for a long-term solution.

The boil water order is expected to remain in place until Tuesday.