'I immediately began repaying the overpaid amounts': Dixmoor Mayor Yvonne Davis says after trustees raise salary concerns

DIXMOOR, Ill. (WLS) -- Dixmoor Mayor Yvonne Davis says she has been reimbursing the village after taking a larger salary than she was supposed to receive.

Davis told ABC 7 in a statement on Thursday that the salary overpayments were due to a "payroll error," and that she began repaying the excess funds "as soon as the error was discovered."

"I have been very open and honest with my constituents about this matter," Davis wrote. "I will continue to repay the village for any over payments until the village is reimbursed in full and I will work with any state or local authorities to review the matter."

Trustees in Dixmoor earlier this week raised concerns about Davis' salary overpayments, claiming they totaled nearly $64,000.

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Dixmoor Village trustees Roberts and Judnita Smith said records show Mayor Davis received more than double her monthly salary for two years.

From June 2017 to August 2019, the part-time mayor collected close to $120,000 in compensation when she should have received about $55,000. The trustees said she hasn't paid the amount back.

"We are responsible for Dixmoor residents' funds. They entrusted us," Smith said.

Roberts and Smith said the overpayments came to light after they were blocked from obtaining village documents. The trustees said they had to submit a Freedom of Information Act request.

"As a trustee I shouldn't have to FOIA copies," Roberts said. "I had to FOIA copies of payroll."

They're calling for the Cook County State's Attorney Office to investigate all of the village finances.
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