11-year-old twins open gourmet pet treat business in Texas to save for their future

FRIENDSWOOD, Texas -- Twin 11-year-olds Seth and Nathan wanted to find a way to make extra cash for their future cars and college education.

Both boys have a passion for animals. Seth loves dogs and Nathan enjoys everything related with birds.

One day, the idea of creating their own business came up. After being inspired by a local pet store, both twins decided to dive in and start "Tweets and Treats."

Nathan created a hot pepper wild bird feed, which is made with cayenne pepper.

"The cayenne really helps because squirrels won't like it, but birds don't have taste buds, so when they eat it, they don't really care," explained Nathan.

Seth decided to specialize in doggy treats, which he bakes every week.

"For the cupcakes, to make them, we just use flour, oats, baking powder, water and peanut butter, and put them in the oven for 15 minutes," Seth said.

The boys sell their treats at the Friendswood Farmer's Market in Friendswood, Texas.
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