Daughter has hilarious response after mom thinks she found drugs

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A north Texas teen's hilarious text conversation with her mom is going viral.

The exchange starts when Ashley Banks texts her mother, asking her to get her calculator for a friend to use on the SATs. Ashley directs mom where to find it.

While searching, mom comes across this...

...and does what any concerned mom would do. Thinking they were drugs, she told Ashley to come home right away. Ashley was grounded...and just wait until dad gets home from California!

But it wasn't drugs that mom found, as Ashley knew, and after getting a good laugh, she told her mom to take the objects and put them in water.

Mom did, and this is what happened.

Well played, Ashley! Now you and mom have something to laugh about together for years!

Ashley posted the entire conversation to Twitter. Check it out by clicking or tapping below.