Dying 8-year-old boy finds his one true love

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Friday, November 20, 2015

CHESAPEAKE, Va. -- An 8-year-old boy will spend his last weeks on Earth living life to the fullest with the help of his one true love.

David Spisak has been battling leukemia since he was 2-years-old, WKTR-TV reports. He was healthy enough to start second grade this year, but he soon fell ill again.

Spisak had to quit class, but not before meeting 7-year-old Ayla.

The pair fell for each other quickly.

"In art class, I told her I liked her and she just had a surprised face so we started dating," David says. "She is kinda like the real Snow White because she is so kind to everybody, especially me because she loves me."

Last weekend, they had their first date. David's mom says he was so excited he forgot he was in pain.

He even stood up out of his wheelchair to bowl.

"Shes definitely had an impact on his spirit, and I haven't seen this side of him in a long time," David's mom, Amber Spisak, told WTKR-TV. "Certainly at 8 years old, you don't think that they'll have a first love or a first kiss or a first date and it was just something that I accepted wasn't going to happen. But it did."

Ayla knows what is coming, but she is staying by his side while she can.

"Their story is definitely something everyone can learn from," said Ayla's mom, Angela Andrews. "Just to love. Because that's what's important. At the end of every day that's what's important. Who loves you and who you love back."

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