Mom explains why she's not teaching her 5-year-old to read

Of course, back to school is top of mind for many parents right now with the excitement surrounding what new things the kids will learn in the coming year.

One Facebook post is getting some attention over what its writer says her son will NOT learn - to read.

In a lengthy post that's going viral, Crystal Lowery declares that she will not teach her 5-year-old son, John, to read just yet, saying that, despite some parental pressures to get ahead, there are more important things to learn first.

She writes that even if he doesn't show up to the first day of kindergarten with, "advanced reading skills...he will come to the classroom with so much more."

She says she's focused, for now, on helping John be a person, how to be a good sport and how to be patient.

She writes: "There is so much our children learn that cannot be measured with a standardized test. And though someday his hours will be filled with phonics, and penmanship, and fractions, we aren't worried about all that today. Today he has more important things to learn."
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