Icy roads send drivers spinning

Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Icy roads send drivers spinning
Icy expressways made Monday night a dangerous night for drivers and icing conditions may persist through the morning.

HILLSIDE, Ill. (WLS) -- Icy expressways made Monday night a dangerous night for drivers. Some ended up in a ditch or, worse yet, a pile-up.

Black ice closed the inbound Eisenhower at Wolf Road for a period Monday night as IDOT crews salted and re-salted the roadway.

"Everybody was sliding all over the place," said Michael Chapman. "I was coming down from Milwaukee on 294 and everything was just stop and go because of accidents all over the place."

In Addison, half a dozen cars were involved in a crash at I-290 and Route 83. Near Bolingbrook, slick pavement sent an unsuspecting driver into a ditch near Weber Road.

IDOT is warning travelers throughout the night that conditions and temperatures are ideal for the development of black ice, which is difficult for drivers to see and can cause spin-outs and accidents. IDOT encourages all drivers to slow down and drive cautiously when on roads and highways in the Chicago area tonight.

State police warn that icing condition may persist through to morning.