Lin-Manuel Miranda talks 'Encanto,' new Disney movie celebrating Latin culture

ByHosea Sanders and Marsha Jordan WLS logo
Wednesday, November 24, 2021
Lin-Manuel Miranda talks new Disney movie 'Encanto'
Disney's new movie 'Encanto' features songs from Lin-Manuel Miranda, who came up with the Latin American-themed music and magic.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Hosea Sanders talked to Lin-Manuel Miranda, who came up with the Latin American themed music and magic!

"Encanto" is about a remarkable family in Colombia. Each person has a unique gift, except for Mirabel - and that's a lot to sing about!

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Disney's latest film "Encanto" features original songs from Lin-Manuel Miranda, who said he was excited to be working with the production team from the very beginning.

SANDERS: This seems really like an important film, does it feel that way to you?

MIRANDA: Disney has these incredible main characters and our challenge to ourselves was, can we capture the complexity of an intergenerational family and the way those relationships change depending on who you're talking to. How we see ourselves versus how our family sees us.

SANDERS: It was like 8 songs, when did you have time to write all these?

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Disney's "Encanto" introduces us to a loving, magical yet dysfunctional Colombian family and their mystical home, with a talented cast performing catchy tunes by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

MIRANDA: Oh, this is just what I've been doing on the side for fun and kicks! After the joyous experience we had doing "Moana," I said to Disney, if you'll have me again, I just want to be in from the ground floor. And it was a joy to write songs for that, but I really wanted to be in early on this.

SANDERS: With this film, cultural representation and authenticity is the basis for everything, and I know that's gotta be huge for you.

MIRANDA: Yeah, absolutely, we had an incredible team, we had incredible partners in terms of our Colombian story trust. We flew down to Colombia. It's so much fun on these projects. I'm really proud that my kids like it, they're the beta- testers, and if they're singing the song when I'm not making them sing it, there's probably something to it.

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