American Idol auditions coming to Chicago Monday

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The search for the next singing sensation is heading to Chicago!

Producers with ABC's reboot of American Idol will be at McCormick Place on Monday.

"Idol is famous for its lines we move these lines along pretty fast. Eventually what will happen you'll go up in front of a table that will have one or two producers at it they're all people from idol they'll ask you to sing and then they'll let you know whether you will go into the next round. If you go into the next round after that you'll be singing in front of our executive producers and you definitely want to show your stuff when you get in front of them ," said Patrick Lynn, American Idol Senior Supervising Producer.

Auditions are open to U.S. residents between the ages of 15 and 28. Be sure to bring your ID to the audition to prove your age. Singers younger than 18 must come with a parent or legal guardian.

You can't have any contractual obligations that will prevent you from being on the show.

"On the day of the audition you want to bring your talent and your voice but if you're going to sing with a guitar bring your guitar just make sure you're ready to go to show your stuff and always have a couple of songs ready," Lynn said.

Lynn's best tip for those coming for an audition is, "Don't be intimidated by people around you."

"Don't think that other people are better than you because chances are they're not and a lot of times those people singing in line at the top of their lungs by the time they get in front of a producer they got no voice left. You gotta warm up of course but it's important to not let people around you deter you from chasing your dream."

Lynn is encouraging singers to pre-register, but you can just show up on Monday.

He also said singers should get about 30 to 45 seconds in front of a producer and that they should get right to the meat of the song that shows off their voice the best

In addition to in-person auditions, producers are also accepting at video auditions submitted online. For more information, visit

By the way, singers who make it past Monday's auditions will also find out if they'll get to go in front of the celebrity judges at a later date.
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