FranklyHANK: Where are they now?

CHICAGO -- FranklyHANK was on hand to share what some of the biggest stars of the 1980s are doing now.

KIRK CAMERON, "Growing Pains," Mike Seaver

Kirk Cameron was a teen-age heartthrob in the 1980s when his show, "Growing Pains," was a huge hit from 1985-1992. But at the age of 20, Cameron found God and became Born Again. Now he has his own company, Way of the Master, which he says teaches the truth about Christianity.

DELTA BURKE, "Designing Women." Suzanne Sugarbaker
Delta Burke played the very sassy Suzanne Sugarbaker on the hit series, "Designing Women," from 1983-91. In her days after "Designing Women," she had her own show, "Delta," and small parts on such TV series as "Touched By An Angel" and "Boston Legal." Burke always battled weight issues personally and in the press. These days, she is happily married to actor Gerald McCraney and enjoying life.

CHARLOTTE RAE, "The Facts of Life," Edna Garrett

Charlotte Rae played house matron and later business owner on the hit TV series, "The Facts of Life," which ran from 1978-1988. The Milwaukee native without a doubt is known for playing Edna Garrett. These days the 90-year-old Rae is still active. She does small roles here and there. In 2014 she played a grandmother in "Girl Meets World," and in 2015 she had a small role in the Meryl Streep film, "Ricki and The Flash."

LAUREN TEWES, "The Love Boat," Julie McCory
Before Lauren Tewes landed the plum role as Julie McCoy, your Cruise Director, on ABC's "The Love Boat," she was flat broke. In fact, she only got the role the day before the pilot episode was shot. The show took and so did Lauren's income which she soon began spending on cocaine. Her drug habit got so out of control that seven years into the show she was fired. Today, Tewes has cleaned up her act. She is living in Seattle and works as a sous chef after attending culinary school. She also acts from time to time and you'll be able to see her in May 2017 when "Twin Peaks" returns to Showtime. She is in the pilot episode. null