Game show contestant's bizarre answer leaves host speechless

Steve Harvey, host of the "Family Feud," was dumbfounded by one contestant's hilarious rodent response. (AP / Shutterstock)

"Family Feud" has been host to several funny moments over the decades. But one recent contestant may have taken the cake for most bizarre and hilarious response yet.

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In a video uploaded to the Family Feud YouTube channel on February 9, host Steve Harvey requests two contestants named Darci and Manny to "name something a doctor might pull out of a person." Darci beats Manny to the buzzer and responds with "a gerbil."

The second the words left her lips, Darci looked immediately embarrassed, with Steve standing in disbelief as Manny laughs loudly in the background.

"I didn't say that," Darci pleads, "I didn't say that." Gerbil didn't appear on the board, and Manny was able to swoop in with his correct response of "a baby." Watch the hilarious video above.

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