'Scandal' star Jeff Perry returns to Chicago this weekend

CHICAGO (WLS) -- "Scandal" star Jeff Perry is back in Chicago where he first launched his stage career - and you can see him this weekend only!

He looks like Cyrus Bean of "Scandal", but it's Jeff Perry, back on the boards! The Steppenwolf co-founder is part of a three-day concert reading of "Love Kills." It's a rock musical about a famous murder spree by two teens.

Ora Jones is an ensemble member teaming up with Perry. The play is based on a true story of passion gone wrong.

"They fall in love and because they're very Romeo and Juliet about their lives and their emotions are what they are, they wind up going on a killing spree in Nebraska in the 50's, killing 11 people," Jones said.

Perry does sing in the show, but you'll have to buy a ticket to see that!

"I haven't sung since Tony in "West Side Story". My voice, long changed since then and "Camelot" and this and that in high school. Luckily it was in the very limited range that I felt comfortable with - just a 6 note range, you got this!" Perry said. "That juxtaposition where such grave, difficult, violent territory is being revealed by the most lush, romantic and ethereal musical choices, there's a lot of that kind of vocabulary in this musical."

Perry begins working on the next episodes in just a few weeks. There's no time to waste since Kerry Washington is expecting a baby. We'll have a new president by the time the series is back, but the "Scandal" oval office will still be up for grabs!

You may not be able to see Jeff Perry in "Scandal" until January, but you can see him and Ora Jones in Love Kills at the new 1700 Theatre at Steppenwolf Friday through Sunday.
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