The Bachelor Finale: Chris Soules chooses Whitney Bischoff over Becca Tilley

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Whitney Bischoff, a fertility nurse in Chicago, got an engagement ring from Chris Soules on the finale of ''The Bachelor.''

She beat out 29 other women to win the heart of Soules, a farmer from Iowa.

The two are now engaged and say they are still planning their wedding.

He got down on one knee. She sobbed and said "absolutely." A few minutes earlier, runner-up Becca Tilley and farmer Chris agreed she wasn't ready to make a lasting comment.

Bischoff is moving to Soules' hometown of Arlington, Iowa.

And it sounds like they're not waiting for their wedding night. Jimmy Kimmel asked the couple if they "make love regularly." Whitney replied, "as much as possible."

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The couple got engaged November 22 and had to keep it a secret until Monday night.

"That was really difficult. I mean, most difficult part for me was just being apart and not really being able to, like, continue and build the relationship. The keeping the secret, you're able to tell your close friends because you know they're not going to talk about it, but other than that you kind of got to hide," Soules said.

The couple said they were able to see each other a cople times, with Bischoff going to Iowa to visit. She said she's also getting used to life on a farm.

"It's going to be a change, but it's something that I'm up for and I'm really excited about," Bischoff said.

Soules praised his fiance for being more than just beautiful.

"She's smart and has a career and is talented and just has a lot of things about her that I really find attractive and someone that I can see being with for the rest of my life and being a partner and raising a family," Soules said. "And my family loves her, like the moment they met her they fell in love with her."

Soules added that his family ultimately helped him make the final decision.

Bischoff was asked if the finale Monday night, after not seeing the other contestants for months, was awkward.

"I didn't watch the season, so I missed a lot of those intense moments, but, you know, he had a great group of girls, and I made some great friends and, you know, it was good to see some familiar faces," she said.

They didn't mention any wedding plans, but said that they look forward to starting their relationship as a normal couple in the real world. That includes simply going out in public, going to the movies, holding hands in public - the things they haven't been able to do until the finale.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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