Dozens of counterfeit Super Bowl rings seized by US Customs and Border Patrol at O'Hare Airport: officials

CHICAGO (WLS) -- U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at O'Hare International Airport seized a shipment from China of 35 counterfeit NFL Super Bowl rings back in April, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office announced Monday.

According to a released statement, on April 27 CBP officers held a package at O'Hare for inspection due to X-ray inconsistencies. The customs declaration listed a ring as its contents with a value of $10, but when CBP officers opened the package 35 counterfeit NFL Championship rings were found inside.

The parcel contained fake Super Bowl rings for the NY Jets (1) and Giants (4), Pittsburgh Steelers (6), San Francisco 49ers (5), Dallas Cowboys (5), Washington Redskins (5), Green Bay Packers (6) and Denver Broncos (3), officials said.

After examining the rings, officers deemed them as counterfeit based on the poor quality, poor packaging and low value. Had the rings been real, the MSRP would have been $350,000, the statement said.

"Preventing counterfeit items from entering the United States is crucial to protecting consumers and our nation's economy," said Acting Assistant Area Port Director Ralph Piccirilli. "This most recent intercept of counterfeit NFL rings is a great example of how our CBP officers stand ready to serve the United States in support the CBP mission as the world battles this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic."

In partnership with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, CBP seized 27,599 shipments with IPR violations in fiscal year 2019. If the seized products were genuine, the total manufacturer's suggested retail price of the items would have been valued at over $1.5 billion, CBP officials said.
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