'Flower man' embraces role for cousin's wedding

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Patrick Casey began lobbying for the role of "flower man" before his cousin was even engaged. (Erin Moore via Storyful)

When Patrick Casey knew his cousin, Andria Farthing, was going to get married, he wanted a special role for the wedding.

"They've been together a while and I started lobbying to be the flower man before they were even engaged," Casey told ABC News. "They loved the idea, and I was beyond excited they said yes once they were officially engaged."

Casey carried out his role of "flower man" with passion. He threw petals left and right while walking down the aisle and then finished by stopping to toss the remaining petals above his head.

The flower basket Casey used for the wedding holds sentimental value for the cousins. Twenty years ago, Farthing and Casey walked down the aisle together as flower girl and ring bearer for a family wedding. Casey carried the same basket Farthing used when they were kids.

Casey said of his untraditional role, "I think every good marriage has a little laughter in it."
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