Viral tweet shows dad walking son to kindergarten, sending him off to college

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- Parents, can you hold back your tears?

Charles Brockman III, an incoming college freshman at Mississippi State, shared emotional photos on Twitter to thank his father for helping him navigate through life.

In one photo, taken in 2004, a young Brockman walks next to his father on their way to his first day of kindergarten. In the other, the two are also walking side-by-side, but this time Brockman's moving into his college dormitory.

"From the first day of kindergarten to college move in. Thank you dad," Brockman tweeted.

Since Brockman shared these photos on August 13, they've gone viral - and his tweet has been retweeted more than 64,000 times. One retweet was from his very own father, who said he is proud of his son.

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