Taxes 2023: Tax expert says there's benefit to filing early this year

Jackson Hewitt specialist encourages you to file taxes online to save time

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Monday, January 30, 2023
Tax expert gives tips for filing this season
Since it's time to start filing taxes, a tax expert from Jackson Hewitt says there's a benefit to filing early this year.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Tax season is officially here, and apparently there's a benefit to filing early this year.

Mark Steber, a tax information officer with tax service company Jackson Hewitt, joined ABC7 Chicago live to give viewers tips for tax season.

Steber said that over 100 million people, or about 75% of the people who file, get a tax refund.

The key to getting a refund is simple: File your taxes as soon as you can before April 18, or Tax Day.

"File early; get your refund early," Steber said.

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Having your documents ready sooner rather than later helps flag any life or tax changes that you or your tax professional may have questions about. When you file early, you avoid racing against the clock to find that missing receipt or tax document.

Filing early also helps secure your personal information and data.

"File early; you lock your data up with the IRS," Steber said.

Refunds will be smaller this year after pandemic tax law changes like stimulus payments came to a close.

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"All those expired last year as the pandemic has calmed down," Steber said. "So, they'll be lower, but they'll be lower than last year, which was really a monumental year for refunds."

According to Steber, most people will still get a "healthy refund," especially if they file early.

Early in the pandemic it took a while for people to get their refunds. Things are looking up because the IRS has seen recent staffing increases.

Whether or not refunds will be processed faster this year, Steber said that avoiding paper will save time. Filing your taxes electronically and using an electronic deposit method will cut time needed to mail forms or checks.

Tax Day is April 18 this year, which means you have three extra days to file your taxes.