Easy ways to spring clean your electronic devices, diet and kitchen

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Sunday, March 20, 2022
Spring cleaning: Diet and kitchen
Here are some tips for spring cleaning your diet and kitchen.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Spring is the ultimate time to spring clean not just our homes but also our kitchens, diets and electronic devices.

Changing your diet can help support a healthier lifestyle, especially after a winter filled with heavier foods, take out boxes and being indoors more.

The great news is there's absolutely no reason you need to invest in an expensive and overwhelming cleanse diet this spring - Celebrity Health Coach Karina Heinrich has four easy tips to help you spring clean your health so you can feel your very best.

Her tips are: to reduce the meat, fall in love with local produce, increase your walking and reduce kitchen waste.

"Swap out a usual meat heavy meal with meatless: Think things like quinoa, black bean burgers, lentil tacos, meatless meatballs, tofu stir fry, black dean dips for your upcoming barbeques", said Karina. "You won't even miss the meat but you have just given your body a major health boost: Can help reduce BMI, elevate mood, reduce illness risks, improve heart health and strengthen immune system."

Cherries, apricots , avocados, kiwi, mango, oranges, strawberries, arugula, asparagus and spinach are some spring season fruits to grab on your shopping trip.

Lastly, Heinrich says "an easy way to cleanse your health is to start in your kitchen. There are so many easy ways to spring clean and reduce kitchen waste. Use alternatives to disposable food storage methods. Reusable containers (glass or plastic) are great for leftovers or items that you've cut up for meal prep. Pack silverware instead of disposable plasticware in your lunch and make sure to limit use of paper plates, napkins, and other single-use items."

Here are some tips to spring clean your electronic devices without ruining them:

Here are some tips to spring clean your electronic devices without ruining them.

Use a 70% rubbing alcohol solution.

Make sure your electronics are unplugged and turned off while cleaning.

Use a small soft-bristle brush to clean keyboards and charging ports.