Spokin app helps people find food allergy and celiac-safe products, restaurants, places

Entrepreneur Susie Hultquist spoke to ABC7 Chicago

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Thursday, March 23, 2023
Chicago mom creates Spokin app to help people with food allergies
A Chicago mom was inspired by her daughter to create Spokin, an app to help those with food allergies.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Navigating food allergies at home is a challenge, but finding safe foods when out to eat can be an odyssey.

One Chicago-based mom has developed an app to make the process easier for all. Susie Hultquist is the creator of the Spokin Food Allergy App.

Spokin is a food allergy app that helps people find allergy and celiac-safe products and places.

Hultquist was inspired to make the app because her oldest daughter has life-threatening nut allergies.

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"As an allergy mom, I wanted to make her life easier," Hultquist said. "I couldn't find anything that was out there and decided to build this."

Spokin shows users what safe food options are available for them and brings the food allergy community together. The app tracks 78 different allergens in food, and users can add their reviews.

There are about 80,000 users on Spokin.

The app can be downloaded in the Apple App Store, or visit www.spokin.com to learn more.