WATCH: Competitive eater devours 10,000-calorie American breakfast

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Wednesday, March 17, 2021
Woman takes on American breakfast challenge.
Watch this competitive eater devour a GIANT American breakfast.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand -- Nela Zisser is a competitive eater and model from Auckland, New Zealand who is known for eating large meals in a short amount of time on your YouTube channel.

In this video, she takes on an enormous American breakfast challenge that she claims contained 10,000 calories.

In front of me here on the plate Ive got 10 bacon pancakes, about a kilo of bacon, hash browns, fried eggs, sausages, and also toast, Zisser says in the video.

Clocking in at 26 minutes and 54 seconds, Zisser took down this giant breakfast challenge with ease. Im super stoked with that time considering that was a big plate of food, she says.

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