Ji What a Find: Sub sandwiches

CHICAGO -- Ji went in search of the tastiest sub sandwiches in the Chicago area.

The first she found is sandwich shop in Palos Hills called Peppo's that is famous for its sandwich topping called "guts." The topping is a mixture of tomatoes, onions, pickles and seasoning, marinated and served in six different flavors. The seasoning recipe is a family secret that dates back to the origins of the restaurant in 1976.

The second restaurant she found is a deli in the West Loop called the Ruin Daily that also serves up everything from morning coffee to craft cocktails. Ji dines on the Turkey Giardiniera sandwich with executive chef Bino Ottoman.

For more information on Peppo's please visit www.peppos.com.

For more information on The Ruin Daily please visit www.theruindaily.com.