The Lasagna Lady shares how she went from home kitchen to major retailers

CHICAGO -- Samantha Kendall, better known as The Lasagna Lady, is a Chicagoan who grew a hobby into a full on business that helps families eat healthier.

Samantha is a chef, author and mother. She started cooking lasagna so her family can have healthier, home cooked meals with natural ingredients. Her lasagnas became a family favorite and they encouraged her to distribute the lasagna to businesses. She took her dish to markets, churches and gave it to the homeless. Samantha's lasagnas started in her kitchen and are now sold at Whole Foods Markets.

Tragedy struck in 2006 when Samantha's daughter was caught in gang related cross fire and killed at 18. Samantha began writing her personal stories and recipes in a journal to help her deal with her daughter's death. She turned the journal and recipes into a book called "Life Through Lasagna's Eyes." A portion of the book sales are donated to Chicago nonprofits.

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