Garrett Brands acquires Frango from Macy's

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Monday, January 30, 2017
Chicagoans line up to claim 65-cent bags of Garrett Mix to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Garrett Popcorn Shops® on Thursday, Sept. 18, 2014 in Chicago.
John Konstantaras/AP Images for Garrett Popcor-AP

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Garrett Popcorn's parent company Garrett Brands has bought the Frango chocolate brand from Macy's Inc., the companies announced Monday.

Chicago-based Garrett Brands will develop, sell and distribute Frango products, "consistent with the brand's legacy as a superior chocolate and confectionary brand," the release said.

Macy's has had control of the Frango brand since 2005, when it acquired Marshall Field & Co.

Frango is a perfect fit for our company's portfolio, aligning well with our strategy to preserve and grow iconic brands that have historic franchise value with a unique and storied past," said Lance Chody, owner and CEO of Garrett Brands. "This is an exciting opportunity to expand the reach and offerings of the delicious Frango confections consumers know and love to more people in more places, just as we have done with our other brands."

Macy's will continue to sell Frango products in the Frango Cafe at its store on State Street and at 350 locations around the country as well as on online.