Frank Lloyd Wright turns 150

ByJesse Kirsch WLS logo
Thursday, June 8, 2017
What's the best way to celebrate the famed architect?

CHICAGO, Ill. (WLS) -- What's the best way to celebrate the famed architect?

Taking a tour of one of his signature prairie homes!

Chicagoans had a chance to walk through the Emil Bach House, Thursday, in Rogers Park. Wright built the home in 1915 for Emil Bach, president of his family's Chicago-based brick company. Ironically, not a single brick in the house came from the Bachs' business.

The house, renovated in 2014, features classic signs of a Frank Lloyd Wright home--stained glass windows and geometrical design. Even the original Black Walnut wood trim, which is extremely hard to find, was replicated.

Emil Bach House Manager Wayde Cartwright says there are some unique aspects to this home too.

"The house is built to have the inhabitants reserved from the chaos of the city," he explains.

To achieve that, Wright put the front door in the backyard, which originally had a clear view of Lake Michigan. Today, a sliver of the lakefront can still be seen between buildings.

The home's stained glass windows feature colors on the inside only, to welcome in the outside world. And from the street, you are forced to look up if you want to see the designs.

If a walking tour isn't enough for you, the home can be rented for as little as $495 per night--that's quite the hotel!