Community-run garden grows food for those in need

GLENCOE, Ill. -- Through a bike path in the North Shore community of Glencoe, a community garden is helping feed those in need while practicing environmental mindfulness.

The Glencoe Community Garden, a 5,000-square-foot mini-farm, produces approximately 3,000 pounds of fresh produce each season. The garden partners with social service agencies to help feed underserved community members.

The farm, which is in its ninth season, all started after the congregation of Am Shalom asked four of its members, Jim Goodman, Sheila Newman, Vivian Nitzberg, and Schroeder, to build a project that would serve the community. It was built, and continues to be cared for by volunteers.

"We see ourselves as an environmentally aware and friendly place that grows food for people in need and that encourages volunteers to come to join us build community," said Nina Schroeder, one of the founders.