Gas prices could drop to $1.99 average in US, hover above $2 in Chicago

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Monday, November 23, 2015
I-Team Investigation: Gas Jackers

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Gas prices could drop below $2 a gallon for most of the nation during the Thanksgiving holiday. In Chicago, the price is expected to hover just over $2.

According to the Lundberg Survey, the average price of regular gasoline plunged 11-cents a gallon in the past two weeks to $2.14 a gallon. The national average will fall to $1.99 by Thanksgiving, according to

In Chicago, gas prices are still hovering over $2. But in collar counties and the suburbs, they're expected to fall lower.

Prices in IL counties (as of 11/23/15):

Cook: $2.209

Lake: $1.944

McHenry: $1.961

DuPage: $1.196

Will: $1.965

The highest gas prices in the nation are along the West Coast and in Pennsylvania and New York.