Adorable baby gorilla born at the Oklahoma City Zoo

Wednesday, August 20, 2014
Oklahoma City Zoo / Facebook

On August 16th, the world was graced with the arrival of the one insanely cute baby gorilla.

Born to mother Ndjole and father Togo, the unnamed western lowland baby gorilla weighs four pounds and appears to be healthy and strong, according to the Oklahoma City Zoo. The zoo said though that Ndjole has yet to show any signs of interest in the baby, putting the newborns life at risk. Without a proper caretaker, the baby gorilla has a minimal chance of survival. This prompted the zoo's veterinarian team and gorilla keepers to hand rear the baby gorilla instead.

Oklahoma City Zoo / Facebook

The baby gorilla will be provided round-the-clock care in an off-exhibit area still in close proximity to other gorillas. The zoo's veterinarian team and zoo keepers will continue to work with the Gorilla Species Survival Plan to determine when the baby will be moved to a gorilla group or with a surrogate mother.

The newborn still remains unnamed. What do you think the name should be of this adorable baby gorilla?