'Great Christmas Light Fight' contestants raise the bar in Season 8

ByMarsha Jordan via WLS logo
Thursday, December 17, 2020
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The illuminated bar has been raised on "The Great Christmas Light Fight" this year.

All isn't calm, but it certainly is bright on Season 8 of the show where families decorate the heck out their homes for a cash prize.

ABC7's Janet Davies spoke with the show's hosts about how the illuminated bar has been raised on "The Great Christmas Light Fight" this year.

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"Girl, let me tell you, it's crazy," co-host and judge Taniya Nayaka said. "I don't know how they do it every year. But, the bar keeps going up and up and up. And I think it has to do with a lot of people watching this show. They see what people do and get little insider tips on how to do it. So, it's game on."

If you're wondering why there are no visible COVID protocols in place, there's a good reason.

"People are going to watch it and say, 'What the heck is going on here?' because everyone is hugging, high-fiving," co-host and judge Carter Oosterhouse said. "We shot all of it last year."

So, how are families picked to be on the show?

"A lot of them apply," Nayaka said. "It's true - if anybody out there is watching and wants to be on the show, it's Lightfightcasting.com. You can go on there and nominate someone or apply and it's great. A lot of times our casting directors will find people through news articles or local things that have been posted about them because a lot of people who do these display are local celebrities."

As for any hints about what we'll see in East Peoria, Illinois - you'll just have to tune in.

"I can't! It's all a secret. Just know that it's very impressive. Impressive. It's over the top and I was very satisfied," said Oosterhouse.

You can watch "The Great Christmas Light Fight" on ABC7 Wednesday starting at 7 p.m.