'Once in a lifetime': Close encounter with Great White Shark shocks fishermen off Jersey Shore

MANASQUAN, New Jersey -- Fishermen off the Jersey Shore couldn't believe their luck when they experienced a "once in a lifetime" encounter with a Great White Shark.

The encounter happened around 4:30 p.m. Monday while the group of childhood friends were off the coast of Manasquan.

The men often participate in fishing tournaments and were heading in from competing in a Mako Shark tournament when they spotted the huge visitor.

"We were on our way of clearing everything up, ready to go home, and then we just saw the shadow come up and we were like 'What is that,' and so we just stuck it out and it gave us a show," fisherman Scott Crilly said.

The fishermen got excited when the shark first slowly approached the boat -- and became ecstatic when they were able to get up close and personal with the majestic beast.

Jeff Crilly, who posted the video, estimates the shark was 16 feet long. He said the shark ate a bag of grounded-up fish bait before marking the boat and called it the "best day ever on the water."

Marine experts confirmed it was indeed an adult Great White. They are protected and not uncommon to the area.

Hear from the fishermen after their great encounter:

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Toni Yates reports on the fishermen who had a close encoutner with a Great White Shark off the Jersey Shore.

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